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Taking care of business.

The best way to describe Alabama’s approach to business? Professional hospitality. We welcome companies from all around the globe with business incentives and custom tax packages, a peerless workforce, prime real estate—and open arms.

Plus, with low sales and income tax rates, affordable utilities, and an extremely low cost of living, we make it easy for businesses of all kinds to keep more of their hard-earned money. Our qualified team facilitates premium site locations and optimum incentive packages for the businesses we serve. Because we don’t just want companies to move here—we want them to thrive here.

Tax Incentive Summary

Alabama Taxes Incentives Summary

Competitive taxes and incentives to help businesses grow and develop.

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Additional Non-Tax Incentives

Outside of taxes, Alabama provides a host of smart incentives to attract business, industry, and economic development.

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Financing Programs

To facilitate commerce and get you off the ground, we can also help with financing programs.

Incentives Legislation

Tax Incentives: Alabama Department of Revenue

Training & Employment