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A workforce to be reckoned with.

Alabama is home to many resources that make it ideal for growing a business, but the greatest one of all is our people. Companies from all over the world are drawn here for one simple reason: we’re a hard-working state.

Alabama’s skilled workforce—and our steadfast commitment to developing it—has earned a reputation for being second to none. But don’t take our word for it; ask companies like Mercedes-Benz and Airbus, or any of the numerous companies who have benefited from cooperative, on-site workforce training programs developed with state workforce agencies.


One of the top 5 workforce training agencies in the U.S., AIDT is an innovative training program that provides value-added services and solutions for Alabama’s new and expanding businesses.

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AIDT’s services include:

  • Pre-Employment (Training Development, Videography, Media and Project Support)
  • Post-Employment/On-the-Job Training Support
  • Maintenance Assessments
  • Safety Assistance and Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Robotics Technology Park
  • Maritime Training Center

Commerce Workforce Development Programs

  • Alabama Career Center
  • Alabama Workforce Investment Board
  • Regional Workforce Development Council
  • Alabama Workforce Council

Alabama Community College System

With almost 30 community and technical colleges around the state, the Alabama Community College System is an integral part of developing Alabama’s legendary workforce.

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Four Year College System

In addition to their focus on higher education and professional preparation, our four year colleges also play a big role in workforce development in Alabama; specifically with advanced degrees in Engineering, Agriculture, and Healthcare.

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Alabama Technology Network (ATN)

The Alabama Technology Network is a part of the Alabama Community College System and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership. ATN’s team of experts helps solve the needs of industry and business through innovative, sustainable, cost-effective solutions. We can conduct detailed needs assessments, outline potential solutions based on the results, and provide technical assistance to help you solve those problems or identify those who can.

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Governor’s Office of Workforce Development (GOWD)

The Governor’s Office of Workforce Development (GOWD) is hosted by the Alabama Community College System. This partnership for Alabama’s workforce development activities enables the State to provide a wide range of career-technical courses and short-term training for job-specific certifications.

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Go Build Alabama

For the past several years, the Alabama Construction Recruitment Institute has been building a new generation of skilled workers, thanks to the popular “Go Build Alabama” campaign.

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