Alabama International Trade

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International Trade Resource Guide - 2016

A seamless network exists throughout the state of Alabama where companies can reach federal, state and local agencies and organizations that provide special services to the international community. The Alabama International Trade Resource Guide addresses the information and resource needs of businesses in the state that are interested in creating or expanding their global presence. Over 300 private and public regional organizations whose goal is to serve the needs of the international community are listed.

2016 International Trade Resource Guide (555k)

Year in Trade - 2016

Alabama exports are fundamental to the prosperity of the state’s economy. The Year in Trade provides a quick overview of Alabama’s role in the global marketplace and illustrates the State’s top export markets.

2016 Year in Trade (459k)

2014 Export Alabama Trade Strategy

The Export Alabama Alliance Strategy is developed annually with the input of the Export Alabama Alliance. This comprehensive strategic plan provides numerous opportunities for Alabama companies to build sustainable relationships throughout the world as well as opportunities to educate local leaders on the impact of trade.

2013 Alabama Trade Strategy (39,360k)