CPR Network


Alabama Community Partnership for Recovery and Reentry (CPR Network)

The Alabama Community Partnership for Recovery and Reentry (CPR Network) provides a network of support for individuals transitioning from our correctional facilities to their families and communities.

Partnerships and collaborations among state and local governmental agencies, faith and community-based organizations, local groups and individuals provide resources to these individuals and families, helping them meet the particular challenges they face in their reentry.

Collectively, these efforts can be effective in breaking the cycle of re-offending and helping these individuals become law-abiding and productive citizens, responsible parents and contributing members of their communities.

Public safety is increased and tax dollars are saved through successful transitions versus the cost of re-incarceration, and information sharing and community partnerships are increased and enhanced, building healthier and safer communities throughout the state.

Agency partners include the Alabama Department of Corrections, the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles, the Department of Human Resources, the Department of Public Health, Alabama’s Career Center System and the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services. Faith and community-based partners include Community Action Agencies, Family Service Centers, Aid to Inmate Mothers, New Beginnings Foundation, Alabama Justice Ministries Network, The Dannon Project and various state and local church conferences, congregations and individuals.

With continued collaboration, increased partnerships and information sharing, the CPR Network will continue to meet the challenge in assisting ex-offenders and positioning them for success in their reentry.