Individual Training Account


Individual Training Account

An Individual Training Account (ITA) is an account established by the Alabama Workforce Investment Board on behalf of Workforce Investment Act (WIA) participants to assist them in the attainment of Training Services.  The Youth, Adult and Dislocated Worker funds available under Title I of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 are used to purchase Training Services from eligible Training Providers selected by participants in consultation with Alabama Career Center staff through development of the Individual Employment Plan or Individual Service Strategy (IEP/ISS).  These funds are made available through the Alabama Workforce Investment Area (AWIA).  Priority of services is given to Veterans and their spouses.

ITAs are also provided through the State level using Governor's Setaside Funds.  These ITAs are linked to Dislocated Workers who have received services from the State's Rapid Response Team.  These guidelines are also to be used on a statewide basis when Governor's Setaside Funds are being used to finance an ITA, and when ITAs are being financed from funds made available to the State from National Emergency Grant (NEG) funds to serve Dislocated Workers.  For the purposes of these guidelines, ITA will be used synonymously when referring to an Individual Training Account (Adults and Dislocated Workers) or Individual Referral (Youth).

AWIA Dual Enrollment for In-School Youth serves youth who are currently attending secondary school in grades 10-12 who plan to pursue a two year degree in a Technical Skills Training Program.  The AWIA has authorized WIA In-School youth funding for students enrolled in Career Technical Programs through their High School.


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