Mentor Alabama


Mentor Alabama

MentorMentor Alabama is a program which partners with the Alabama Bureau of Investigation (ABI) to help facilitate and fund the background check process for potential adult mentors as a service for mentoring organizations throughout the state of Alabama.

The program maintains no formal agreements with the organizations they serve. It is best described as a loose affiliation of mentoring organizations that have opted to utilize the state’s services for their background checks in order to provide qualified mentors for their youth mentees.

The number of organizations we work with on a weekly basis varies greatly as does the frequency and volume of background checks we process. Many of these variables are seasonal since a large number of these organizations recruit heavily on college campuses at the beginning and end of each semester.

Mentor Alabama works with more than 100 mentoring organizations across the state, but typically, there is a core group of approximately 20 organizations that receive some type of service daily.

We provide technical assistance to the mentoring organizations and work with ABI staff to approve background checks and prove the organizations with timely determinations for their applicants.

We provide written approval for each participant application prior to forwarding this information to ABI for the background check process to begin. Once the background check is complete, it is our responsibility to provide the organization with a determination stating whether this person is fit to mentor youth mentees based on criterion pursuant to the PROTECT Act.

We also must fulfill all requests we receive through our website ( from interested persons who wish to become a mentor for a child in Alabama and are looking for a mentoring organization in their area.

Mentor Alabama staff is also responsible for processing payments made to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) through our Financial Services Division and maintaining interdepartmental agreements between DPS and its affiliates.