Occupational Skills Training for Dislocated Workers


National Emergency Grant - Occupational Skills Training for Dislocated Workers

The National Emergency Grant addresses the state's need to expand the use of training to meet the needs of dislocated workers, especially long-term (unemployed for a period of 27 consecutive weeks ore more). Unemployment Insurance recipients who have been profiled as likely to exhaust their benefits, and also applied post 9/11 veterans to opportunities for training with this grant award. On-the-Job Training with private-for-profit employers as well as referral to public colleges or private-for-profit trainers are two training activities allowed with this grant.

Those who believe that they may qualify (as noted above) for training in a new occupation are encouraged to contact their local One-Stop Career Center (sometimes called “the Unemployment Office”) and ask about services being provided by this grant award. (Services are available in all of Alabama’s counties except Jefferson and Mobile, which are serving dislocated workers with their regular formula-allocated dislocated worker funds.)

The Grant Award ends on June 30. 2015.