Alabama Distribution Industry

Going the Distance

By land, sea or air, Alabama is a prime hub for distribution and transportation logistics both nationally and globally.

When it comes to distribution, Alabama is equipped to ship your products anywhere in the world at a minimal cost and in a short time frame. As the central location in the heart of the U.S.’s fastest growing economy (and only a day’s drive from half of the U.S. population), we employ intermodal systems—including six interstate highways, five Class I railways, and the heavily trafficked Port of Mobile—to maximize the efficiency of your business. Throw in the fact that Alabama has no inventory tax and we’re sure that your expectations for product distribution will be exceeded.

Quick Facts

  • 6 Interstates totaling 1,060 miles
  • Half of U.S. population within one day's driving distance
  • 2,000+ miles of Class I railroad track
  • 19 U.S. Highways totaling 3,852.85 miles
  • 9th largest seaport in U.S. (Port of Mobile)
  • 100+ overseas shipping lines served

Companies in Alabama

Here is a sample of the companies with distribution centers in Alabama.

  • Dollar General
  • ACE Hardware
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Fastenal Company
  • Home Depot
  • Target
  • JoAnn Stores
  • Children's Place
  • Walmart
  • Carquest
  • Michelin

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