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Cultivating Success

Alabama’s agricultural roots run deep. Even as one of the state’s oldest industries, our agricultural and food production businesses have evolved over the years to maintain a relevant presence in both the national and global market.

Alabama and its people have a way of working with the land and everything it yields, producing $5 billion in agricultural products every year. Cultivating more than 9 million acres of farmland, our state is a proven powerhouse when it comes to supplying the nation—and the world—with poultry, eggs, fish, cotton, peanuts, pecans, beef, and more. It helps that we’re a leading state in competitive labor costs (and our fried chicken isn’t bad either).

Quick Facts

  • $13 billion in annual sales from food processing
  • $5 billion in agricultural products annually
  • #2 in U.S. freshwater fish production
  • #3 in U.S. poultry production
  • #3 in U.S. peanut production
  • 48,500 farms
  • 9 million acres of farmland
  • 94,000 direct employees in agriculture and food processing

Companies in Alabama

Here are a few of the Food Production companies who have found a home—and found success—in Alabama.

  • Wayne Farms
  • R.L. Zeigler
  • Sunshine Mills
  • Priester's Pecan Co.
  • Keystone
  • Mrs. Stratton's Salads
  • Tyson Foods
  • Lancaster Colony
  • Red Diamond Tea & Coffee
  • Bud's Best Cookies
  • Alaga
  • Koch Foods
  • Royal Cup Coffee
  • Barber Dairies
  • Buffalo Rock
  • Golden Flake Snack Foods
  • Pilgrim's Pride
  • Golden State Foods
  • Mar-Jac Poultry

Food Production Links

There are so many factors that make Alabama such a great place for Food Production companies. Chief among them are these invaluable partners:

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