Information Technology

Alabama Information Technology

Making All The Right Connections

The world is more connected than ever, and Alabama is advancing at the speed of light. In a business that isn’t slowing down, our state has not only kept up—we are emerging as a leader in the highly competitive market of information technology.

Alabama is advancing in modeling and simulation technologies, cyber security, data centers, defense software development and emerging media. And with computer systems design and management services projected to increase employment by more than 650,000 jobs in the next five years, we don’t need to run the numbers to know that we like our odds.

Quick Facts

  • Google building $600 million data center in North Alabama
  • Maxwell AFB's Gunter Complex is home to approximately 2,500 IT professionals
  • Multiple sites in the state designated by the guidelines created by Jones, Lang, LaSalle’s Michael Siteman, the number one Data Center authority in North America
  • State laws provide competitive incentives for data center projects
  • Equifax is establishing a Global IT Talent Center at Auburn University
  • The Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security operate the National Computer Forensic Institute in Hoover