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Alabama-made Mercedes-Benz M-Class to get armored version

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Mercedes-Benz is producing an armored version of its Alabama-made M-Class, a heavy security model called the M-Guard that starts at around $135,000.

According to a report on, the base of the M-Guard will be at the company’s Vance plant and modifications made at another location. The model is reinforced with bulletproof glass, body armor and run-flat tires, according to a report in the Carbuzz blog.

Mercedes said in a release that the armored vehicle is designed to withstand fire from weapons such as .44 Magnum, while optional floor protection provides a shield against a hand grenade blast.

Mercedes said the armored version of the popular SUV follows an “integrated special protection design principle.”

“All the additional protection systems are taken fully into account right from the development phase of each model series and perfectly integrated into the vehicle’s architecture,” the automaker said. “This enables all the advantages of the standard series-production vehicle to be retained, such as for instance the luxurious yet functional vehicle interior, the high level of active and passive safety, the exceptional ride comfort and the agile driving dynamics.”

Armored vehicles are typically used by corporate executives, government leaders and others concerned about their security.

Mercedes’ Guard line is comprised of nine models designed to withstand attacks, according to


Photo by: Pucker Powder

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